Myla - Jun 2017

Ride with with confidence.

I rented a bike from them (2017 BMW F700 GS with top box and side panniers), and booked the unguided tour (north toward the coast then counter-clockwise from there for 6 six days). The email communication during the months leading up were consistent and timely (thank you Amy!), arrival and their preparedness with the bike and instructions were complete (thank you Greg!), and the return welcome (thank you Joe and Martin!), I am still in awe of what I got to experience thanks to them. As a female, it was reassuring that they had more confidence in me than I had in myself about returning the bike unscathed, that I would be able to meet each daily itinerary to be able to check in for my booked inns, and understanding the roadway signs and rules (I’m from the US). Well, all of those worries were for naught. Their arrangements for my daily itinerary were reasonable, I did not feel rushed and was able to make stops in between. The inns that were pre-booked as part of the tour were welcoming, comfortable and served great food. I had believed that food would not be part of my enjoyment in Scotland, but it was thanks to these inns.

The roads…oh the roads. Amazing views but also challenging to experience…it will make you at peace with the world.

But I only got to feel this way thanks to the team.

Thank you a million times over, you have changed the course of my life!

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