Karim - Aug 2017

Me and my friend rented two bikes for a week tour of Scotland back in July.

Everything was perfectly organized from the beginning. Good communication while I was booking my tour from across the atlantic. I arrived in Edinburgh and at the bike shop and our bikes were ready for us.

A brand new GS1200 adventure with only about 1000 miles on it. The entire schedule was provided ahead of time so we could look through it already and the bike was fitted with a gps so each day in the morning you’d just have to go to that day and the gps would guide your entire itinerary that day. The majority of the roads were all beautiful small country roads and coastal roads so you barely drive on a highway.

Stunningly beautiful landscapes everywhere we went.

Good advice also on places to stop and restaurants. We particularly enjoyed the Hotel on the last evening. The restaurant is amazing and it has a great big pub with live music and great whiskies. Perfect to celebrate our last evening of this wonderful tour.

Overall it was a great experience which I would highly recommend to any motorcycle aficionado.

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