Dave, Alan, Henry and Jan - Jul 2017

Well a huge thank you to the team in Dalkeith. From start to finish the booking has been handled extremely professionally

– very responsive and clear information down to the insurance details, help lines, printed route plans etc.
– superb quality bikes, (though I wander why anyone rents anything apart from a GS).
– Puncture repair kit was a dream to use (and believe me I’ve done a few)
– hotel accommodation that served the need well- with beds that almost accommodated our 8ft tall German colleague and showers that our Dutch colleague could almost understand. Food and beverage great for all.
– brilliant route planning that really made the trip, a great selection of small scenic single tracks and swooping curves, all with magnificent views. This really did make the weekend.
– weather was Scottish, scattered high humidity…

Again thanks for everything, you really did make a great weekend.


The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish. The bikes, your team, especially the routing, and even the accommodation. All great.

Thanks again and see you soon!


You’re already heard from Alan and David
Can only echo the overwhelmingly positive experience – from start to finish. Will definitely be back.

Thanks for making the weekend very special.


Now full house. All four gents loved the time we had and compliments on great service and experience.

Warmest regards from sunny Netherlands.


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