Chris and Lynn - Sep 2016

Lynn and I wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for all the work that you did to make our Scotland trip such a great adventure! We loved the roads, the hotels, the landscape, the food and the people (starting with Greg at the dealership!!) It really was the adventure of a lifetime and everything went off with no problems or complications.

The route that you planned was absolutely what we were looking for. Many times the traffic was light to non-existent (Aberdeen and Edinburgh were different stories!) We wanted to experience Scotland from the non-touristy perspective, and that is what you delivered. We met so many wonderful people, and had great conversations with everyone. I even met a retired attorney at the Loch Leven hotel (that is what I do here in the states) and it was really interesting to see that we both had the same complaints and gripes about our jobs!

I should say that the roads in Scotland were the most challenging that I have encountered in my motorcycling career. Aside from the left hand driving business and the roundabouts, we don’t have single track roads in the states–they were an interesting challenge! One time we came face to face with a farm combine and another time a logging truck! But everyone was very polite and courteous (unlike here in the states) and it all worked out very well. The sheep and cattle standing in the roads were a great touch as well!

On the way back home, Lynn and I were trying to decide what our favorite part of the trip was–we really couldnt make a decision, since we liked all of it so well and it was different every day.

Again, thanks for helping us have such a great trip!

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