Rental Terms

1. Rental periods are measured in 24-hour periods. For example, collecting a motorcycle at 9am on a one day rental and returning it at 10am the following day would incur an additional charge as the period is in excess of 24 hours.

2. Once a booking is confirmed, the customer will receive an email which will provide a link to pay the rental deposit securely online. This must be paid within 7 days (from the date of the email) to ensure the bike is reserved. - For up to three bikes, a deposit of £100.00 per bike is required at the time of booking. - For four bikes or more, a deposit of 25% of the rental fee per bike is required. - In the event the customer cancels giving at least 7 clear days notice, a full refund of the deposit will be issued. - In the event the customer cancels giving less than 7 clear days notice, the deposit becomes non-refundable. - In the event that the customer changes the pick up date or return date to shorten the rental with less than 7 days clear notice, there will be no reduction in the total rental charge.

3. The customer must produce original copies of their Driving Licence and one other form of photo ID such as Passport or National Identity Card. If the current address is not shown on the licence we will need a separate document as proof of address such as a Utility Bill issued within the last 3 months, Bank Statement issued within the last month, Local Authority Council Tax Bill for the current year or Electoral Roll Entry. We do not accept Provisional Driving Licence, Mobile Phone Bills or Credit Card Statements as proof of address.

4. We operate a fair use mileage policy. If you intend to exceed 300 miles per day (on average over the term of your rental) you must inform us in advance in order to avoid any additional mileage charges (at 10p per mile).

5. The customer must inform us promptly notification to them by any relevant authority of any traffic offence or parking violation whilst the motorcycle is in their care.

6. In the event of damage to the motorcycle whilst it is rented to you, you are liable for the damage up to the excess limit indicated in the rental contract. Repairs to damaged motorcycles are carried out in our own workshop and in accordance with BMW best practice. If a bike is returned damaged on a Sunday or Monday when the workshop is closed, leaving us unable to carry out a full inspection, we will take an immediate minimum payment of 50% of the excess amount. Once the workshop have inspected the bike, you will then either be charged an additional amount (up to the excess amount) or provided with a refund, depending on the level of damage. Please see the note below in respect of damage to tyres, including punctures, and panels/panniers.

7. Notwithstanding (6) above, In the event that you are involved in any accident which results in a personal injury claim against us or our insurers as a result of your actions, you will fully indemnify us and our insurers for any loss we suffer where such claim is from your pillion passenger or any member of the group with which you are riding or touring.

8. No motorcycle rented to you under this agreement may be used ‘off-road’, on non-metaled roads or for any form of competition whatsoever.

9. The motorcycle must remain with the United Kingdom at all times. It may not be taken outside the United Kingdom without our prior written consent and we may apply an additional insurance charge for such use outside the United Kingdom. In the event we agree to the motorcycle leaving the United Kingdom, it may not be used in any country outside the member states of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

10. We always try to ensure that the motorcycle booked is available for a rental. However, if for any reason it is unavailable, we will inform you promptly and offer an alternative motorcycle from our fleet.

11. You must inform us immediately if you are involved in an accident involving the motorcycle (and you must provide insurance details to any other party involved and make a statement to the police if anyone suffers any injury in an accident). You also agreed that you will co-operate with any reasonable request from us or our insurers to provide statements and other information in respect of any accident.

12. You agree to pay any excess charge for damage incurred whilst the motorcycle is in your care or any fines levied during the rental period in respect of motoring offences or parking violations.

13. You acknowledge that we provide no personal accident insurance, health insurance or other similar insurance.

14. All rentals are subject to our insurer agreeing to provide insurance. In the event that our insurer will not provide insurance due to the customer’s driving or claims record, the rental will be cancelled and we will return any deposit in full.

15. If any accessory (such as a mobile device holder or an electrically powered accessory such as a heated jacket) is fitted to the bike by the customer, the costs of repairing any damage, including cosmetic damage, to the motorcycle will be charged to the customer. Any electrical device powered from the bike must be connected via the bike’s electrical power socket. No device should be connected directly to the battery or the wiring harness.

16. The customer agrees that our liability under all circumstances is limited to the total amount of the fee for the rental of the motorcycle concerned.  

Note on tyre damage and pannier/panel damage

The customer will be charged (at our cost price) for a plugged, punctured or damaged tyre proportionate to the amount of tread life remaining. For example, if 60% of a tyre’s tread is remaining, the customer will be charged 60% of the cost of a new tyre (plus fitting).

If a customer has a tyre replaced whilst on rental and produces the invoice for the tyre and the tyre is of the correct make and type for the motorcycle and is a matched pair, there will be no charge. If the tyre is not of the correct make or type then the customer will be subject to a charge calculated in the same way as for a punctured tyre.

In the event of minor scratches and/or marks on panels or panniers, the customer will be liable as follows: The damage or marks must be minor and the motorcycle must be capable of being rented again with the marks in place. For each panel marked, the customer will be subject to a charge of £50 to compensate us for the cost of repair. If the marks or damage are not minor, the customer is liable for the replacement cost of a panel (at our cost price).  

UK licence holders only

We will need your DVLA check code ahead of your motorcycle rental – details of how to do this are as follows:

The DVLA made changes to the UK driving licence which became effective on 8 June 2015. From this date, the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence is no longer part of your driving licence. However, to rent a motorcycle from us, we require verification of any endorsements. The DVLA has implemented a system to allow you to share this information with rental companies. Therefore, for you to rent a motorcycle from us, we would ask you to access the DVLA’s driving licence service here:

Once you access this service you may create a licence check code which you can use to share your driving record with us.

In order to obtain this code, you need:

  1. Your driving licence number
  2. Your NI number; and
  3. Your postcode.

The code you obtain is a ‘one use’ code and is only valid for 21 days from the time you create it.

Please obtain a code within 3 weeks of your rental commencement and email it to us so we can avoid any unnecessary delay when you arrive.

We are not able to meet the insurance requirements for your rental if we cannot access the information required.  

Insurance market

The insurance market for motorcycle rental in the UK is very limited. In the event that no insurance company is prepared to underwrite motorcycle rental risk on commercial terms, Rentamotorcycle reserves the right to cancel in whole or part any agreement with the customer as a result. No compensation will be payable to the customer for such cancellation and no liability will be accepted for any consequential loss suffered by the customer. Where the customer has paid a deposit in advance of receiving services, Rentamotorcycle will refund the deposit relating to the rental of any motorcycle. Where a deposit relates to services, such as hotel accommodation and Rentamotorcycle has made payments to such service providers, Rentamotorcycle will use reasonable endeavours to recover such sums and pass them back to the customer.  


The United Kingdom has left the European Union.
There remain significant areas of uncertainty around the future relationship.
We can no longer guarantee that our motorcycles can be taken outside the United Kingdom.
This will be subject to the situation at the time, particularly with regard to insurance.