Rental Prices

F 750 GS
F 800 GS
R 1200 GS Adventure
R 1250 GS Adventure
R 1300 GS

All the motorcycles in our rental bike selection are from the BMW Motorrad range.

All are maintained to the highest standards in our fully equipped workshop.

The minimum hire period is two days.

All our prices include:

  • Fully comprehensive Insurance subject to the excess amount – non-UK licence holders are subject to a £40 administration fee
  • A fair use mileage policy – mileage is limited to and average of 300 miles per day and is charged at £0.10 per mile thereafter
  • BMW Roadside Recovery
  • All applicable taxes

The following additional charges apply (per rental / bike):

  • Side Panniers: £30.00 per rental
  • Top Box: £15.00 per rental
  • GPS: £15.00 per day
  • Monday Collection / Return: £15.00
  • Sunday Collection / Return: £25.00
  • Non-UK Licence Holder Fee: £40.00

Use our Rental Calculator and check availability for your specific requirements.

Clothing is also available to buy or rent. More detail here.

Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions.

Seat Heights

Information about seat heights for our rental motorcycles can be found here.

We also have some Low Suspension Models available. Please ask us about availability.

Sunday and Monday collection / returns

Please Note: Our rental office is closed every Sunday and Monday.

However, one particularly wonderful member of our team gives up their days off just to meet our rental customers on these days. We therefore ask you to note the following regarding collections or returns on a Sunday or Monday:

  • For Sunday collections and returns there will be a fee of £25.00 per bike.
  • For Monday collections and returns there will be a fee of £15.00 per bike.
  • We ask you to agree firm collection and/or return times at the time of booking. If these times change please give us as much notice as possible as you risk there being no one here to meet you and therefore you will be unable to collect or return your motorcycle. Please note that if you do not amend your collection or return time and are more than 1 hour late for a return or collection on a Sunday or a Monday, we may charge, at our discretion, an additional fee of £50 per hour.