Frequently Asked Questions

Is insurance included in the price?

Fully comprehensive insurance is included subject to the excess amount, which would be due if the bike was stolen or damaged.

The excess amounts differ according to the model (please see here on our website).

Please also ensure you read our full rental terms.

To clarify, the excess amount is not taken as a deposit in advance, however (up to) this amount will become due if the bike is returned damaged or is stolen.

Damage and compensation process

Our wish is for you to have a spectacular rental experience, without any mishaps.

Should anything untoward happen and the motorcycle is damaged or stolen we want to treat you fairly.

Our aim is to rent motorcycles in the best possible condition both for your benefit and for those who rent after you.

We document any existing damage on your contract and check over the bike again with you present. We will show the replacement parts price list for your particular rental bike, to make sure you are aware of costs, prior to leaving. We will photograph the bike prior to departure, with you present if possible. We will explain the compensation process again, as listed here. On Return:

We check the bike over to ensure the motorcycle is in the same condition as it left us. Please allow sufficient time for this. If any damage has occurred:

For each item which is cosmetically damaged or marked we will ask you to make a payment towards the repair costs we will incur For each item which needs replacing, the charge is calculated as follows:

  • The Cost Price to Rentamotorcycle of the part (not Retail Price)
  • Any labour charges we incur (which do not include a profit element)
  • No VAT (sales tax) is added

We too are motorcyclists and anticipate you find this a fair approach.

What happens if I get a puncture / damaged tyre?

You will be charged (at our cost price) for a plugged, punctured or damaged tyre proportionate to the amount of tread life remaining. For example, if 60% of a tyre’s tread is remaining, you will be charged 60% of the cost of a new tyre (plus fitting). If you have a tyre replaced whilst on rental and produce the invoice for the tyre and the tyre is of the correct make and type for the motorcycle and is a matched pair, there will be no charge. If the tyre is not of the correct make or type then you will be subject to a charge calculated in the same way as for a punctured tyre.

What happens with minor scratches and / or marks on Panniers & Panels?

In the event of minor scratches and/or marks on panels or panniers, you will be liable as follows: The damage or marks must be minor, and the motorcycle must be capable of being rented again with the marks in place. For each panel marked, you will be subject to a charge of £50 to compensate us for the cost of repair. If the marks or damage are not minor, you are liable for the replacement cost of a panel (at our cost price).

What if I have an accident and it is not my fault?

If you have an accident and it is not your fault, you will still be charged the excess amount at the time. If the other party and their insurance company then accept full liability for the accident, we will refund the excess amount paid. It is never clear cut or decided until the insurance company accepts liability so until this is confirmed we will hold the excess payment from you.

What if my collection and / or return times change?

We ask you to agree firm collection and return times at the time of booking.

If these times change, please give us as much notice as possible as you risk nobody being there to meet you on a Sunday or Monday and therefore you will be unable to collect or return your motorcycle.

Please note that if you do not amend your collection or return time and are more than 2 hours late for a return or collection on a Sunday or a Monday, we may charge, at our discretion, an additional fee of £25 per bike.

I want to collect or return my motorcycle on a Sunday or Monday – is this possible?

Our rental office is closed every Sunday and Monday. However, one or more particularly wonderful members of our team give up their day off just to meet our rental customers on these days. We therefore ask you to note the following regarding collections or returns on a Sunday or Monday:

  • For Sunday collections and returns there will be a fee of £25.00 per bike.
  • For Monday collections and returns there will be a fee of £15.00 per bike.

Can I return the motorcycle by leaving it outside the premises when the shop is closed?

No, the bike has to be checked back in by a member of staff. This enables us to go over the bike together to check for any damage which is in both parties interest. The bike remains your responsibility until point of handover. Leaving the motorcycle outside when the shop is closed will mean that if any damage to the bike occurs or it is stolen whilst outside, you will still be liable for this (as per the insurance excess amount noted above).

Can I connect directly to the battery?

The BMW motorcycles operate using a CAN Bus system and plugging directly onto the battery is not permitted.

I would like to plug in my heated clothing – is this possible?

The motorcycles have the BMW 12V power sockets (aka DIN/HELLA). There is a limit on how much current you can draw from it.

Drawing too much current by plugging too many items in and/or an item that requires too much poser can cause the CAN Bus to shut down the socket(s) and as “it does away with conventional safety fuses – the system automatically switches off any components in case of malfunction”.

BMW equipment should work fine, if you want to plug anything else in, please let us know and we will check in advance.

I would like to fit my own GPS or phone to the bike – is this possible?

If any accessory (such as a GPS or mobile phone holder) is fitted to the bike, you will be liable for the costs of repairing any damage to the motorcycle. We therefore recommend never fitting anything to the bike.

Do you have parking available for me to leave my car whilst renting a motorcycle?

We do not have a car park available. However, there is free on-street parking surrounding the dealership.