Keith and Ana – October 2016

Keith and Ana from Panama – October 2016

We just arrived home last night from the most memorable trip we’ve had.

Rentamotorcycle was the ultimate trip organizer and the bike tour was just about the right duration. We visited locations that can only be experienced personally. Impressive.

We have traveled to many countries, but Scotland’s scenery, castles, and people were unmatched. The B&B staff were all very hospital and kind. Having the B&Bs include the dinner was also an extra nice touch that simplifies the trip.

The GS1200 Adventure BMW was just the right height and size for the 6-day tour. We never got lost after traveling ~1200 miles, although the GPS navigator on the bike was ultimately a necessity, even though the roads were properly identified. We had never experienced single track roads, but we found a lot of respectful drivers which didn’t make it too bad.

Greg was very clear and explained most of the challenges and prepared us well for the trip at Motorrad. Please send him our regards. He lent me his personal helmet, after seeing that my head was still too big for an XL. Who can say they can beat that service!

All the best and see you next year.

Keith and Ana

Photo: Keith and Ana with Greg

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